Hurry, a new opportunity is waiting for you.

Hurry, a new opportunity is waiting for you.

Hurry, a new opportunity is waiting for you.


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As of 2018, HomeAdvisor rolled out a new product called Opportunity Leads. This product allows service professionals the chance to win jobs in addition to their auto-matched leads. HomeAdvisor sends the service professionals an alert when homeowners are looking for pros, and the pros decide whether they're interested or not within the expiration window. 

Since the roll out of this product, there has been a number of test on the Opportunity Lead interest screen. In this page, the service professional is presented with all the information about the homeowner. The goal of this iteration was to design something that can be flexible for future iteration while still maintain a positive conversion. 


Old design vs. New flexible design

Time is money... literally.

In various other test done on the Opportunity Interest Page, there had always been a timer. While this idea was made to indicate some sense of urgency to respond to the opportunity lead before it expired, the feedback from the service professionals was that the timer indicated to them that it was the amount of time they had to complete the job. 

In order to help eleminate that confusion, the timer was removed and we introduced a new sense of time to an opportunity. Indicating when the opportunity lead was submitted is more clear than indicating when it expires. Opportunity Leads do indeed still expire within 48 hours but the data showed that service professionals were more likely to opt into an opportunity within the hour that the opportunity was submitted. 


The map is not the most prominent element of the design. 

The map is not the most prominent element of the design. 


Hope you got a chuckle off of that. The map was one of the main elements that caused this page to be so hard to update. The map took at least 70% of the real estate and while trying to design something that can be easy to fine tune in iterations to come, the map now sits at the bottom of the page within the Project Details. 

This new iteration on the Opportunity Leads detail page is set to be released out into the market and tested in the month of May of 2019. I hope that the new treatment to seperate the important information and the flexibility built around it allow for easy iteration. I'll be sure to keep you posted on some key metrics! 

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