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HomeAdvisor has been creating new features in the mobile app to create more meaningful experiences for their customers. A few months ago, mobile payments was introduced into the app. The customer has the ability to pay their pro for their project by initiating payment themselves or fulfilling a request submitted by the pro.

Since the launch of the product, analytics started noticing that a large portion of the request that pros were submitting to their customers were not being fulfilled. The hypothesis was that these request were not being fulfilled because consumers did not have an easy way of finding these request.

User Goals

· Find new alerts about projects

· Quickly respond to pro 

· Fulfill payment request pro has sent

Business Goals

· Increase payment request fulfillment

· Create a flexible product for other alerts

· Increase engagement 



It was really important that we got a solution out there as soon as possible as the number of pro payment request continued to increase and fulfillment rate by consumers did not. 

The quickest solution that we could do was to show a custom dialog with the payment request at launch of app to consumers.

As this can be a quick fix to immediately show the request to the consumer, it is not solution that can scale. It is also an abrupt experience to the user if they're coming to app to complete another task. 


While working on the MVP, I quickly realized that the ideal solution to this would be to create a notification center. The reason that the MVP experience can not scale is because there is the scenarios in which a consumer might have multiple new payment request along with other alerts about their projects. 


Home Screen

I faciliated a design review with product and technology about the direction of the notification center. We deemed that a new payment request is a high priority alert for the consumer and should have more visibility.

A few weeks prior to this discussion, Dir. of Product Design, Matt Wallen had designed a carousel in the home screen to elevate new features in the app. I utilized this pattern to create a card for a new payment request.


After this project, consumers will have 4 entry points into a new payment request from a pro. We hope the outcome to be that consumers fulfill payment request at a higher rate.

This notification center gives the business the flexibility to house important alerts for the consumer. 


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