Simply enter a bank account or debit card number to cash out.

Simply enter a bank account or debit card number to cash out.

Simply enter a bank account or debit card number to cash out.


UX/UI Design


iOS & Android


Copywritten by Megan Linhoff & Josh Einbinder

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The goal of this project was to equip Service Professionals to be able to receive mobile payments. As HomeAdvisor moves to adopt 50% of its users to be Mobile App users, features like paying a service professional through the app can be a driving factor. 

The consumer app is enticing the homeowner to pay for their project through the app by tackleling on a Service Gurantee. A homeowners project can be engible to have this Service Gurantee if they pay the Service Professional through the consumer app. For MVP, the most critical function is that the Service Professional has inputed their bank account or debit card information into the Pro in order to receive that payment. 


Current Tools

The existing tools for Service Professionals to collect payment are done through a 3rd party. Service Professionals have the ability to send out an estimate and an invoice to the homeowner through the HomeAdvisor Pro App but can't necessarily receive the payment through the app. The payment would have to be collected outside of the app through various payment methods like cash or check.

At first glance, the ideal solution here would be to create a hybrid product that would leverage the existing tools like sending an estimate and an invoice with new functionality of receiving payment through the app. The problem with that was that Service Professionals with the set of existing tools did not use them much.

We were able to gather some data from our reporting team that showed us that only about 6-9% of 47,000 Service Professionals were using the tools. From January 2019 - October 2019 only 14,000 estimates were sent out and out of those estimates the distinct users were about 13,000. That data communicate to me that Service Professionals would try these tools out at least once but not use the tool again. All of sudden, keeping the existing tools didn't seem so valuable.

Mapping the Experience

Given that the consumer app is working on driving homeowners to pay through the app to receive the service guarantee, this scenario will be most use case. The Service Professional has a single pending payment that the homeowner sent and what we want to achieve is for the Service Professional to input their banking information to receive payment.

In order to achieve that, I crafted this experience like an on-boarding flow. The first step is to call out that the Service Professional has been paid and that they just need to add their bank account or debit card to cash out their payment. With the help of some value props, I hope that the simple fact that there is a pending payment waiting will attract the Service Professional to input their banking information.

Single Payment Wireframe
Single Payment Pending Wireframes/Flow
Maybe Later Wireframe
Remind Me Later Wireframes/Flow

In the event that a Service Professional does not go through the mobile payments on-boarding flow and decides to exit out of the experience, I proposed multiple ways to get the Service Professional back to into that flow. 

Single Pending Payment Mockups
Multiple Payments

Multiple Pending Payments

In the edge case that the Service Professional has multiple pending payments, the flow is exactly like the single pending payment but the landing page has different copy to be tailored to having more than one payment. 

Remind Me Later

Given that we'll display the Mobile Payments on-boarding landing page at app launch it's understandable that a Service Professional will choose to get reminded later when what drove them to the HomeAdvisor Pro App is to work.

But it is critical that a Service Professional adds their banking information or chooses to disable mobile payments as a delay in either can cause a bad experience for the customer. Adding some additional friction when choosing to get reminded later can help alleviate that. 



I worked through a few possibilities as to how to call out a pending payment on the lead pipeline. Some more aggressive than others, and some a bit broad and not clear as to what exactly is being called out. 

Ways to get back into Mobile Payments on-board flow

I designed multiple ways for a Service Professional to get back into the Mobile Payments on-board flow. The HomeAdvisor Pro App "Home" screen is the Lead Pipeline. Here the Service Professionals see all their active leads and a great opportunity to remind the Service Professional that they have a pending payment.

For MVP, we were not able to make a call out on the specific homeowner that had sent a payment but if the Service Professional was to tap into a lead, the lead details will have a CTA to get them back into the Mobile Payments on-board flow.

The last placement is on the Settings page of the app. Making the call out of "Pending" to draw the eye to that specific option of Mobile Payments that would take the Service Professional onto the on-boarding flow. 

Future Iterations

These are very early mockups of what a future iteration of Mobile Payments can be. Primarily, focusing on allowing Service Professionals to Request Payment. This would also mean that the experience in the Consumer App would need to be designed out and you could see a prof on concept of that on the 3rd screen. 

Future State of Mobile Payments

MVP of Mobile Payments will be released in Decemeber of 2019 on the HomeAdvisor Pro App.