I think this is now the 4th blog I have started since being introduced to this concept of blogging. I salute everyone who consistently does it! Like with every other habit I'm developing, I hope this one sticks. I would like to approach this one a little differently than what I've done before.

A huge part of my process to design has been to document my decision making while working through a project. I've been doing this through Notion (which I highly recommend) I find that when I document my decision making, I could efficiently, and clearly communicate what I've done and why I've done it to stakeholders . One could say I'm building out a case study for each project, which in a way I am but really I'm doing it to help me get comfortable talking about my work.

I would love to share some of that process with you, along with; trashed ideas, old work I've done, cool stuff I do outside my day job, & stuff I find inspiring, appealing, etc.