As my excitement heightens the closer the NBA season approaches, I question why the sport of basketball has become such an important part of my life.

Up until a few years ago, I was all about soccer. I grew up watching soccer games on the weekends with my dad and eventually going on to play it up until high school. I didn't like any other sport over those years other than basketball. I think the speed of the game had a lot to do with it as I found baseball slow and boring, and I found football to be annoying with all the commercial breaks. Basketball in the other hand had a lot of exciting action going on. The cross overs, the dunks, and the characters in it made it fun to watch when I wasn't watching soccer.

Fast forward to today, I consume a lot more basketball than I do soccer. There's a lot of reasons of why that is but what initiated this was when I realized that I needed to take up a hobby and do something else other than design things outside of work. I wanted to take something up that I could purely just enjoy. I started watching basketball and quickly realized that I enjoyed the game and had found a new appreciation for it. The consumption really took off when I decided to buy an 11 game package to see the Denver Nuggets last season. The videos of Steven A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe started to take up some of my YouTube history. I started following WOJ on twitter and followed his podcast on Spotify. Slowly but surely, basketball had become that treasured hobby I was looking for.

What I failed to realize was that everything in your life can be related in some way or another. Here was this thing that I wanted to come into my life to bring me nothing but joy is now becoming a metaphor for things going on in my career. The idea of knowing your role is really important in basketball. Self awareness is everything! The best teams work well together when the players buy into what their role is and the system they'll be executing. Who's going to be an All-Star player? Who's going to be a role player to facilitate the All-Star? Who's going to come off the bench and give their team quality minutes? I have contextualize all of those questions and related them to myself.

I don't have the media talking about whether I had a good game or not, but I'm sure my manager is talking about my work performance with his manager. Fans aren't tagging me on social media telling me they love me or hate but our App does have some good and bad reviews in the app store. Thinking like this is a result of me watching basketball. It has been helpful to sit down and frame my thinking to what my role in my team is. It has help me take inventory in what I do well and what I can improve on. Above all, it has help me understand the kind of designer I want to be.

I'm sure you could relate just about anything to your career, try it, it might help you uncover some underlying things. Go Nuggets!