Hey, I'm Freddy!

A product designer based out of Denver, CO. I'm currently working at DHI Group Inc. designing tech candidate experiences. 

Last updated November 12, 2020


I've always wanted to create video content and I think it's finally time to get over my fear of recording myself. I'll be starting a YouTube channel where I dissect native app designs. Launching by the end of 2020. 

Case Studies

I love designing for native app.

You're all caught up!

Designed in 2020

Simply add and verify your banking information to claim your payment.

Designed in 2019

Welcome to HomeAdvisor Pro!

Designed in 2018

Side Projects

I created a design practice studio called "No particular theme, just ______." I love product, and I wanted to create a space to create various ideas under a certain entity. 

Currently, I have an ongoing t-shirt project called "No particular theme, just pretty images." Each month, I release various amounts of t-shirts via my webstore with ideas for branding, images, philosophies, etc. The goal is to design 100 t-shirts.

Currently @ 015 t-shirts as of November 12, 2020

© 2020 Alfredo Contreras

© 2020 Alfredo Contreras